Back to normal with Ghost 4.0

Tech Musings Apr 28, 2021

Finally Matsunaga's Odyssey is back online. I migrated from the last WordPress site back to Ghost 4.0. Ghost 4.0 was released right before I decided to move this blog to WordPress. I regretted it after seeing the release. Ghost 4.0 is amazing. Just look at the Google Pagespeed's Insights result for this blog:

The last version of Ghost for this blog did not score as well since Ghost 4.0 is pretty optimized now. I did not "squash" any of my images. This will speed up blogging for me. status has also been migrated to Ghost 4.0. I was able to migrate 350 posts and pages to the new Ghost platform. I still have a couple days to get the right theme and properly set the site up. Many of images were imported but the layouts still need work.

I will keep blogging with until I eventually leave Vietnam. There is some good content there that still generates traffic. It was nice to finally leave WordPress with this blog as well.


I have four more WordPress sites to migrate over to JAMstack and I will finally be free from LAMP/LEMP stacks. I really enjoy working with Next.js (React) and NuxtJS (Vue). It has been awhile since I had fun doing web development again. For me, there has always been a correlation between how productive I am and web developing.

I will be working on four projects that focuses on JAMstack and integrations with ecommerce sites and of course, blockchain. Keep in touch by subscribing to my Twitter, Discord, or Facebook accounts.


Kevin Miller Matsunaga

Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Kazakhstan); Former Program Recruiter (ACCELS Kyrgyzstan); Former Media/Drama and ICT Teacher (Kazakhstan) ; Former US Marine.

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