About Matsunaga Odyssey

About Matsunaga Odyssey

Welcome to Matsunaga's Odyssey! I suspect you found this blog by accident or via my Twitter account. I created this site in late October, 2020, to record my journey from my temporary residence in Vietnam to my final destination in Japan. I am still based in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam, but I hope to make a transition to Japan in the future.

The original purpose of this blog was just to have a site devoted to the ancestors, the Matsunaga Clan, from my Japanese half. Then I realized I wanted a new blog to help me transition from my long term stay in Vietnam to, eventually, Japan. When I launched the site a second time, I decided to make this a full fledged blog focusing on my interests; My Expat Life, Tech, Weightlifting, Japan and of course, research on the Matsunaga Clan.

Matsunaga's Odyssey will reflect some elements of my past experiences as I make my transition to Japan. Below are the main categories and pages that will make up the majority of the content for my blog.

Expat Life

This category will look at my Expat Life here in Vietnam but also include posts from my past locations and trips to include:

  • Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Karatau, Kazakhstan
  • Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Saigon (HCMC), Vietnam
  • Shanghai, China

I also will include some videos related to this post such as the motorcycle videos I create for my YouTube channel.

Tech Musings

These posts will focus on technology with an emphasis on the tech I actually use. Posts will include topics such as Blockchain, JAMstack, as well as Python and Javascript.

Finding Japan

These posts are me exploring Japan. You will see a lot of posts related to Japan here


I am an Olympic Lifter. I have been doing it, again, since 2012 as part of my personal physical therapy. It is what helps me get by each day. This category will focus on things related to Olympic Weightlifting, I prefer Olympic Liftings, and my workouts. I will also share some tips from my well-known trainers in the sport.

Matsunaga Clan

This page will focus on the history of the Matsunaga clan, the namesake for this blog. There was very little resources about the Matsunaga Clan in English. I created the Matsunaga Clan in Wikipedia and now there are a couple more pages devoted to this clan. I also hope to update the Miyoshi Clan entry as well since they were crucial to the importance of the Matsunagas. The Matsunagas were closely aligned to the Miyoshis in the Sengoku Period.

Keep updated about Matsunaga's Odyssey via my Twitter account.

Contact Matsunaga's Odyssey

You can contact me anytime at the Contact Page.

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